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Tumlex Olivia M
Such Finuch Tumlex Olivia M

5 CC's, 2 BOB & 3 BOS
Done MH-test

2000-01-19 -- 2014-03-14
e. Mongrel´s Outlaw Oliver, u. Brynshult Mimmi

Tumlex Olivia M

Olivia is the pet of the family, she is best at that. She loves to sit in your lap. At the same time, she is the one in the flock who kills the moles, a tough girl when it comes to other things than people.

She has had 5 litters with good results.

Tumlex Mac
Such Dkuch Nuch Sfuch SV-99 KBHV-99 NV-99 SFv-99
Tumlex Mac, "Macke"

12 CC's, 15 BOB & 9 BOS

1997-09-08  --  2010-10-27
e. Such Brynshult Mumrik, u. LP1 Such Nuch NV-92 Scarex Clever Cinderella

Macke became our son’ s dog. Tobias trained him in obedience, utility and tracking. Macke is very good in tracking, obedience is not quite so good. He has trained some agility and tested flyball. I guess Macke would like to test most things.

He has sired 5 litters, but is now castrated. Macke is a very active dog and likes to have something to do all the time. Much thanks to him, Tobias has done well in junior handling. Macke has turned out to be rather good in agility.

He is not a tricky dog and he can calm down when told so. This makes him a very versatile dog , who loves to be part of everything going on. Like his mother, he likes swimming. The other dogs like swimming, too.

Brynshult Mimmi
LP1 Such Nuch Dkuch Sfuch SV-96,-99,-00,-01,-02,-04.
KBHV-99 NV-99 SFv-99 NordV-99 Brynshults Mimmi

15 CC's, 41 BOB & 24 BOS

1994-11-17  --  2006-05-15
e. Such Nuch NV-93 Embages Merry Marx, u. Such Stardogs Hildur
Breeder: Charlotta Bentzen

When Mimmi came to us as a puppy, everything I knew about dog shows got a completely different meaning. At an age of 4 months, she was shown for the first time. She became Best in Show among the puppies, in competition with 20 other breeds. And it has just rolled on. Sure, she's beautiful, but she's also very special. When she was 9 months old, she took charge over the pack, which then even contained the Leonberger.
She protects me, and she's always whathing her things, both in- and outdoors. But she's easy to deal with anyway. It was tough in the beginning, when we competed and she made a real fool out of me. But the audience laught with us, not at us.

She's got some good results, the best I think was at the "Finnish Winner-show" in 1999, when she became third in her group. Yes, she's really my pride and joy.

She's had 5 litters of puppies, of which the oldest were born in 1998.

Mimmi in spring 2006

Embages Merry Marx, "Chip"
Such Nuch NV-93 Embages Merry Marx, "Chip"

15 CC's, 14 BOB & 4 BOS

1991-06-05  --  2004-06-03
e. Bowanne Bolshy Bert, u. Merry Meg of The Embages
Breeder: Dorothy Malins, England.

I imported Chip 1991 from Dorothy Malins, Kennel Embages. He was a very nice dog, a true pet, always wagging his tail. He sired 10 litters. He was sound and healthy all his life. We bear this lovely dog in warm remembrance.

Scarex Clever Cinderella, "Ella"
LP1 Such Nuch NV-92
Scarex Clever Cinderella, "Ella"

4 CC's, 4 BOB & 8 BOS

1990-04-30  --  2002-09-20
e. Such Chollagem Wiffy Smiffy, u.Such Winder Double Gem
Breeder: Karin Tellander.

Pia trained Ella, but I competed with her. I also took care of the "dog show-bit". But Pia has always been Ella's "mom", as far as Ella's concerned anyway. Ella had 4 litters.

From Ella's last litter, I saved a male, Tumlex Mac, who became Tobias' dog. Ella's left 5 champions, although 10 of her puppies has never been shown. So, who knows how many champions it could have been!

Tumlex O'Whitney
Such Nuch Finuch
Tumlex O'Whitney "Pixie"

8 swedish CC's & 2 finnish CC, 8 BOB & 11 BOS
Done MH-test
Not carrier of CEA and Pll. Patella is ok.

Born: 2004-10-17. S62821/2004
e: NordJV-03 Colnestar Pinball Wizard, u: Such Finuch Tumlex Olivia M

She is a soft and nice girl. Very pliable and easy to learn. She liks agility a lot.
She has had 3 litters.

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