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Tumlex O'Whitney
Such Nuch Finuch
Tumlex O'Whitney "Pixie"

8 swedish CC's & 2 finnish CC, 8 BOB & 11 BOS
Done MH-test
Not carrier of CEA and Pll. Patella is ok.

Born: 2004-10-17. S62821/2004
e: NordJV-03 Colnestar Pinball Wizard, u: Such Finuch Tumlex Olivia M

She is a soft and nice girl. Very pliable and easy to learn. She liks agility a lot.
She has had 3 litters.

Such Tumlex Orenda'o "Molly"

CC's. Done MH-test

Born: 2007-03-18. S26467/2007
e: Bonnemin's Obelix, u: FINUCH SUCH Tumlex Olivia M

She has patella problem and will not be mated at all.
She is a happy girl how likes to play with a football.

1 years old
DK UCH och NORD UCH Limebrooks´s Sunrise Chief ”Cliff”

7 CC's & 4 BOB
Not carrier of CEA and PLL. Patella is ok. Hips A

Born: 2008-08-19. S58553/2008
e. Limebrook´s Morning Cocoa u. Limebrook´s Christmas Gorgeous

We did by this dog from my very good friend Susanne.
He has my old dog Embages Merry Marx “Chip” as grandfather
Cliff is a very happy guy. Easy to have. He likes agility.

Tumlex Who's Caitlin "Jessi"

Patella is ok

Born 2010-10-07. SE62084/2010
e. Foxthyme Cuthbert in Tumlex u. Tumlex O`Whitney.

Both parents tested clear from both CEA and PLL. Now our youngest bitch in the kennel.

Tumlex Quick Casey ”Dexter”

Born: 2015-03-10
e. Topolinos Qrim u. Tumlex Who´s Caitlin


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