What I see as a priority is to breed on a typical Lancashire heeler according to the standard. I also breed to develop healthy dogs with good temper and to broaden the genetic foundation. If it also then is possible to breed champions, I consider that as a bonus.

Heeler it self is a very healthy breed and that is also how we all want it to be. Unfortunately, no breed is flawless. The heeler also has some faults, although so far only a few. First the eyes, we have lens luxation (lens dislocation) which is a very sad disease. Unfortunately, it strikes the dog when the dog is about six-eight years, and at that age it could be that the dog already has been used in breeding. Although I must say that we work hard to prevent such things. We only breed on healthy dogs that have been eyed examined and where the examination is not older than a year. Sick and known genetically carriers of this eye disease are not in breed.

Another eye disease, although not so difficult and hard for the dog, is CEA. This disease turns up before the puppy is 12 weeks and therefore must all puppies be eye examined before we sell them.

We also have patellar luxation, which means degenerative joint disease and that the knee joint dislocates. So far, today, it is a rather uncommon problem, but we work with preventive measures, and all dogs in breed must be examined. It is possible to operate the dog if it has patellar luxation and the dog will be fully recovered.

Our dog/bitch pedigree/status in SKK:

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